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Dear Friends,
I attach you the 7th number of World Confederation Newsflash. I ask you to disseminate it as much as possible and send us other email adresses of leaders of Past Pupils to send them this bulletin. If you do not wish to receive this email, please write toangelgudina@gmail.com

Palermo, 30th January 2013

Dear friends,
Here we are on the eve of the Feast of Don Bosco, our Father and Master. Sometimes I wonder what my life would have been without the approach to the Salesian House of Villa Ranchibile in Palermo, unable to breathe from young the Salesian atmosphere. Certainly would have taken a different path, which knows what, and certainly would not have led to expect on Jan. 31 as a moment of celebration.

That ever since we waited to school after Holy Mass, the sandwich and then starts the game of football that would inexorably decreed the joy of the day. And together we were the Salesians, as Don Bosco wanted, in the courtyard. Today of course the reference has changed; we live in different times, where the crisis - in the first place values ​​- makes you feel all his weight.

But it is in these moments, taking the beautiful letter of 1884 of Don Bosco to his brothers and sharing the spur of the Rector Major, we Past Pupils of Don Bosco must assume our full responsibility. And we must do so with great courage and multiplying our actions in society and in the Church today, appearing as "good Christians and honest citizens" as an example for the young people we encounter in our daily journey.

And this we must do it together with the Salesians, the Delegates and the Directors convinced of the fundamental importance of their role. Only then, with courage and action we can really make our original contribution. And in this sustain us for ever and ever our Father and Teacher who loves us and to assist us in the daily hardships.

At the beginning of this 2013, that will see us engaged in the Continental Congress of the region, from Bangkok on 21 February for the Asia-Australia Congress, let us turn to our Don Bosco with these intentions.

Happy Feast!


Francesco Muceo

Confederal President

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